Menu - Eat in or takeaway

You can pre-order the following items from us for take away. Just make a note of what you want and give us a call on 01752 845804 to arrange a time for collection.

Brunch - served all day

Toast and preserve (2 slices)                       £2.75

Plain croissant                                             £1.45

Croissant and preserve                               £1.75

Toasted teacake                                          £1.95

American Pancakes

Served with bacon and maple syrup           £4.95

Served with banana and toffee sauce         £4.25

Served with chocolate sauce                       £3.95

Squirty cream                                                   50p

Simply sausage or bacon bap                     £3.25

Simply sausage and bacon bap                  £3.75

Add a fried egg                                                 50p

On toast

Mushrooms                                                 £4.76

Beans                                                         £4.25

Fried eggs                                                  £4.55

On crumpets

Butter                                                         £2.25

Melted cheese                                           £3.25

Beans                                                        £2.95

Beans and cheese                                    £3.55

Brie and cranberry                                    £4.25

Morning or afternoon delights

Cakes from £1.00

Cornish Cream Tea
(Pot of Tea, Fruit or Plain Scone, Cornish Clotted Cream and Strawberry Preserve)
One scone£4.75
Two scones£6.25
Extra pot of tea£2.15

Afternoon Tea (min 2 people)
Selection of sandwiches
Scone, Strawberry Preserve & Cornish Clotted Cream
Selection of cake and macarons
Pot of Tea
£28.00 for 2


served with crisps

add a side of coleslaw for 50p

Cheddar Cheese  
Cheese and Onion£4.30£4.40£4.50
Cheese and Red Onion Chutney£4.40£4.50£4.60
Cheese and Ham£4.50£4.60£4.70
Ham and Tomato£4.40£4.50£4.60
Brie and Cranberry£4.70£4.80£4.90
Tuna Melt
Egg Mayonnaise£4.25

Tuna Mayonnaise£4.75

Prawn Mayonnaise£4.95

Jacket Potatoes 
add a side of coleslaw for 50p


Baked Beans£4.40
Egg Mayonnaise£4.75
Cheddar Cheese£4.75
Beans and Cheese£4.95
Tuna Mayonnaise£5.15
Prawn Mayonnaise£5.15
Homemade Chilli£5.25


Homemade Soup

Homemade soup served with a warm cheese scone           £5.25

Soup combi (soup and half a sandwich)                               £6.25

Young Readers Menu

Sand-witches   - 2 quarters

Egg Mayonnaise                              £2.25

Cheddar Cheese                             £2.25

Ham                                                 £2.25

Tuna Mayonnaise                            £2.95

Served on brown or white bread with crisps


Hot drinks

Pot of Tea for one                           £2.15

St Piran's breakfast, Darjeeling, Earl Grey, Peppermint, Camomile, Red Bush, Lemon and Ginger

Double Espresso                            £2.15

Flat White                                       £2.50

Americano Coffee                          £2.40

Cappuccino                                    £2.60

Latte                                               £2.60

Mocha                                            £2.75

Iced Coffee                                    £2.60

Add a Shott (ask for flavours)            50p

St Piran's Hot Chocolate                £2.40

Luxury Hot Chocolate (marshmallows and cream)  £2.95

Cold drinks

Coca Cola, Diet Coke, Lemonade                                £1.85

Elderflower bubbly, Ginger beer, Raspberry crush       £2.15

Juice - orange or apple                                                 £1.75

Squash                                                                               95p

Milkshakes                                                                    £2.40

Luxury - marshmallows and cream                               £2.95

Strawberry, Raspberry, Chocolate or Banana